UV printing - a modern printing technique for the printing industry

UV printing is one of the modern printing techniques of the printing industry and learn more about this printing technique.

When using UV ink, we will create many "ART" effects and print on a variety of materials with high productivity and quality. In general, UV offset printing as well as conventional offset printing, replacing conventional offset ink with UV offset, then arranges the UV drying system in each printing unit or in the last printing unit.

UV ink is a solvent-free ink, so it can not dry normally as other inks but only dry under the influence of UV radiation, so after printing leaflets, the print must go through a system. The curing system uses UV lamps.

UV printing has the advantage that the ink dries quickly almost immediately through the drying system, creating a variety of special effects such as glossy, embossed, UV sand, metal, printed on a variety of materials, friendly to the environment. bare.

UV coatings have two types:

The tubes in the machine must also be blanketed from the chemically resistant material of the UV ink.

Must use separate washers (usually use one of the following three types: 2 UV wesh 32, A3 UV wesh 58, or A3 UV wesh 75) for printing UV ink in the cleaning of presses, blanket these types Less impact on the body, not cause the rubber tube to be damaged.

We must regularly monitor the composition and temperature of the aqueous solution to prevent this solution from mixing in the ink during printing due to the nature of the UV printing technology that requires less water during printing.

It is advisable to place the temperature monitor of the toner and ink cartridges to avoid deformation of the toner when the temperature changes.

Due to the light used to dry the ink, the paper is easily deformed and electrified.

After printing, the printing service is done using tape to test the ink dryness, if the tape has ink sticky, the ink is not fully dried.

UV printing can cause the gloss of paper to be lost due to the drying of the light in a very short amount of time.

How to calculate the UV light printing lamp:

In terms of print advertising theory, each toner manufacturer offers the minimum energy needed to dry the toner, such as the PEP-G RC PEP-G toner used on JUJO's PP / PE plastics - Japan, requires a light bulb as follows metal halide lamp (MPMA also) ≥ 120w / cm (this parameter will determine the radiation intensity), energy ≥ 120 mj / cm2, to know the upper power, right Use a radiation meter. There are a few carriers that do not need the energy required to require a lower conveyor speed than a certain number, such as 40m / min.

And all the parameters are just for reference, the problem is to manually adjust the conveyor speed according to the actual conditions of production, and from the fact that the lamp has a capacity of 80 / cm or 120w / cm, or high Moreover, there are advantages and disadvantages depending on the main product is usually printed high optical that will choose the appropriate lamp.

If you have a silk screen printer available, just invest in more:

UV drying system reference price (drying area 25cm) $1200 - $1500 - Vietnamese machine range from $800 - $1200 - China machine> $2500- $4000 - high quality dryer.

Equipment option (to increase uv toner content): 25cm processing area, choose the type of processing device depending on your print product.

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