What is grid printing ? Grid printing technology

Screen printing technology, also known as screen printing, is one of the oldest print media today. Learn more about this technique offline!

What is grid printing?

This printing method is one of the oldest printing techniques. Screen printing is a type of printing technique based on the principle of ink penetration through the imaging grid that will be printed on the surface of the material by which some of the printed webs have been sealed with chemicals.

The process of screen printing uses a wooden frame then stretches a thin silk sheet like an embroidery frame. So before the printing method is also known as screen printing and then there are some alternative materials such as cotton, fabric, metal mesh should be referred to as the technique of net printing.

Today's printing presses are processed on a computer and then printed on decal paper or printed in negative or positive film format according to their intended use.

In addition to the grille, an indispensable tool in performing this printing technique is a sheet-shaped, non-absorbent sheet material used to pull silk called "knives." Cutter knife is a tool used to push, ink color ink absorbed through the net, transfer ink to the product to print.

The process of printing can be done manually or by machine, but no matter what method is most important for the table to be flat, firm and have a certain degree of elasticity so that the printing mold can be contacted face to face. Print product.

Grid manipulation

- Place the paper underneath the copy, and place it up in the same direction as the actual print.

- Give the ink depending on the material to be printed, moderate amount and then use a knife to try to pull the hand.

- Continue until there are prints as you like.

- Dry out prints on drying racks.

Classification of screen printing techniques

- Screen printing on handcrafts.

- Screen printing has some automation.

- Screen printing on the entire automation printer.

Application of grid method in life.

Although the grid method is slow, its advantages are that it can be printed on all materials and even on uneven surfaces. The application of the net printing method is very popular in life such as T-shirt printing, cup printing, pen printing, calendar printing .. and also can use different types of ink, or special materials to create Different effects, such as printing, Braille ...

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