What is inkjet printing? Inkjet printing technology

Inkjet printing is a universal printing technique that saves power consumption and does not require a large amount of printing. Find out more.

What is inkjet printing?

Inkjet technology is the process of using small droplets of ink through the printhead to facilitate direct printing without the need for print molds to contact the print surface. The print head will move continuously on the conveyor belt until the printing process is completed.

Inkjet printers have the advantage of saving power consumption and do not require a large amount of fixed printing, which can be printed with completely different designs with color resolutions up to 1800 DPI. However, this method consumes more ink than other printing techniques, so it is suitable only for small production needs.

Paper used for inkjet printers?

Inks are coated on the surface with a layer of inorganic compounds, mainly to prevent the ink from spreading out of the paper, making the prints color-accurate, clear, sharp, sharp and long.

Inkjet papers designed specifically for inkjet printers are often identifiable by the amount, brightness, smoothness and opacity of the paper.

Standard inkjet printing requires a sufficient ink absorption for ink, but it must avoid the solvent ink spills (and therefore inkjet ink) on the surface and inside the paper.

Common office paper (80-100gsm) can be used for inkjet printing, however, achieving good print results if only printing text or graphics does not require high color accuracy. . The paper for inkjet is quite diverse in material and has special features such as: inkjet paper for photo printing, color inkjet paper with matte surface (glossy surface), printing paper both sides color ...

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