What is printing PP and decal?

PP printing and decal printing are the most widely used print media for indoor and outdoor advertising. Find out more!

What is PP printing?

The name of a paper type in the digital printing industry. PP is thicker and heavier than photo paper, glue or non-glue back, after printing is covered with a protective layer (glossy or translucent).

The PP has four print sizes of 91cm, 107cm, 127cm and 152cm, the length of the plate can be up to several dozen meters. People usually use PP to print advertising poster, exhibition picture or hanging decoration in the house (cheap price and convenient to use: paste, framed, hanging on the standee or hanging as the calendar bloc ...) For Families can decorate indoors with their favorite images in various sizes according to their own space or print them to friends and relatives of family and children's calendars every spring.

PP is used indoors and outdoors (outdoor PP). However PP has a downside that customers are very susceptible to, that is after pasting onto the wall or door for some time we will not be able to peel off that layer of PP because the glue is too strong to retain the layer of paper. The other. To clean the surface when peeling off the PP layer you can use gasoline or kerosene to clean but you have to watch out for gasoline and kerosene that can damage your surface.

In addition, it is also divided into two types indoors and outdoors depending on the ink used in the house: more commonly used because most are used indoors, the advantage is bright color, eye catching, Squid outdoor: if the product is placed in sunny locations, or exposed directly to the sun, the ink in the home will be the first choice, the advantage is the durability of high ink, but the color Not fresh in ink in the house.

What is decal printing?

Previously, decal was used to cut text and patterns to decorate. With today's advanced technology, we can print on the decal all the images, patterns, motifs that we want to have. It is possible to print on some of the following types of decals:

- White decal.

- Decal in oil inks (printing down, or reverse to paste the back of transparent material).

- Decal in water (also known as PP in - used to paste in the house to avoid rain and sun).

- Decal mesh (paste on the glass - front sight, no back view).

With decal, we can print wall stickers, print advertising signs, print car stickers, print stickers, print decorative patterns (rooms, doors, laptops or anything sticky. ). Decal quality is not as good as PP (same resolution) but Decal has the advantage over PP that can be stretched (pasted curved or corner) and not sticky on the surface when peeled.

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